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Heavy Machinery Construction Company

About Us

We exclusively finance heavy equipment for businesses in the A and B-Credit range. We don't do anything else. No checking accounts, no leases, no bridge loans. Nothing. Just expertly financing the heavy equipment for your business!


Our underwriters are some of the most experienced heavy equipment financers in the game. They've seen it all and can readily answer all your questions.

Your Story

Would you describe your credit as weak? Do you have the cash-flow, titles, or equipment to back up your financing needs but struggle with a past bankruptcy, ID theft, or complicated financial history?


We know that every business has a story. Talk to us and explain your situation. We can be far more flexible than a bank and are willing to hear you out.

Alaska heavy equipment financing

What Kind of Equipment?

Our underwriters have experience with financing Tractor-Trailers, Dump-trucks, Pump-trucks, BOATS Drills, planes, Cranes, Buses, and more. We can finance both new and older Heavy equipment. Even 10+ year old equipment! We know that good yellow iron and well maintained trucks don’t lose their value based solely on their years in service.

commercial equipment finance alaska

Road Construction excavator dirt

Alaska equipment finance bad credit

Why Choose Us?

  • We can get you approval within 48 hours of submitting the application and financial history to the underwriters.

  • We do soft credit checks for pre-financing to see how much you're eligible to borrow before buying.

  • Our finance agreements with your business are structured as Equipment Finance Agreements (EFA's). These EFA's have fixed payments and include tax deductions for many businesses.

  • We do not do "lease" agreements so there are no balloon payments or complications with title ownership. You make the final payment with us and we mail you your title. Simple and easy.

  • Seasons change things. Ask us about potentially getting adjusted payments in your "off season."

Alaska financing for heavy machinery

Alaska finance old equipment


What is needed to apply?

You'll just need to fill out an application, include a copy of your most recent tax return and three months of your most recent bank statements. That's IT! contact us for an application today!

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