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Float plane Alaska

Planes and Boats

What about planes and boats? Do you finance those?


Plane financing often requires stacks of paperwork, pristine credit, years of savings, and a ton of collateral or money down, all just to be "considered." But we at Alaska Equipment Finance don't see the need to treat them different from other heavy equipment we finance; especially when you have the business to make the payments! 

Reach out to see what our pre-approval process can get you. We only require an application, your most recent tax return, and your three most recent bank statements to apply. 

Alaska Plane Supercub Sesna
Alaska Fishing Boat


Buying a new/used commercial boat can be challenging regardless of financing. Let us help you try and make the financing side as easy as possible to reduce the headache.

We do not shy away from reviewing the complicated situations. Don't hesitate to get pre-approved and see what is possible for fishing/tourism businesses next step.

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